Michael Health is a Sales Development Consultant and Sales Trainer specializing in unique sales, marketing, management and branding strategies. He worked exclusively with Leaders, Owners and Key Corporate Decision Makers in roughly 500 Companies across America. He has high level expertise in the creation of “Custom Sales Systems”, specifically built to reach individual company objectives. Michael was responsible for creation, implementation and management of critical projects within companies that drive sales, performance, closing ratios and profits.

Zig Ziglar said:

“Michael Heath is a highly valued speaker, trainer and business development consultant who worked with over 500 companies throughout his five years of service with us. During this time, Michael became the highest-rated sales closer in Zig Ziglar corporate history. His qualifications include a wide scope of business expertise, making him a highly skilled and capable professional whom I can recommend with no hesitation. I have enough trust in Michael and his abilities that in later years of our relationship, after consulting for us, we talked to him about moving back to Dallas to run our entire Zig Ziglar sales organization. I believe any organization will be better for having Michael Heath involved with their operations.”

WHO I AM: The highest-rated sales closer in Zig Ziglar corporate history. Set ZZC sales record by delivering nearly 70% sales closing ratio. As a Business Development Consultant for Zig Ziglar, worked with approximately 500 companies across the United States, helping them increase sales, productivity and profits.

WHAT I DO: As a “Sales Development Consultant,” I grow companies in unique ways by developing “CUSTOM SALES SYSTEMS” and driving management strategies that deliver immediate sales results.

VALUE I BRING: Unique ability to create “IMMEDIATE SALES RESULTS” based on specific needs of individual client.

Key positions held in Corporate America: Sales Development Consultant, Business Development Consultant, Business Owner, Senior Executive of a national sales and marketing firm, Salesman. Exceptional performance history in a wide variety of corporate businesses and cultures.


The Ziglar organization invited me back for a 2nd tenure as a Consultant to restructure the ZZC worldwide sales team. The scope of my work entailed creating, implementing and managing a formal, “Custom Sales System. This system included custom sales scripts, objection-handling, questioning techniques and closing strategies. I closely collaborated with the President, Tom Ziglar, on evaluating sales staff and identifying business-critical items of focus in order to achieve critical corporate sales objectives. In addition, I interacted directly with Mr. Zig Ziglar, Founder of the Ziglar Corporation, who was also my personal Mentor.

  • Refined and optimized the corporate sales system to choreograph every client interaction from initial contact, to close, to service.
  • Overhauled the telephone sales approach, and introduced a standardized presentation that optimized the sales closing process.
  • Based on the success of this consulting assignment, received offer from Zig Ziglar to manage the entire ZZC Worldwide Sales Organization in Dallas, Texas.

Business Development Consultant / Sales

After a 2 year quest to be hired by the Zig Ziglar Corporation, I was finally offfered an introductory sales position.  Within 5 months,  based on performance, I was promoted to the Elite” 5-man Business Development Consulting Team. This involved traveling the United States speaking, training, consulting and selling to approximately 500 corporations. Clients ranged from Fortune 500s, to mid-sized companies, to a wide variety of Entrepreneurial sales organizations.  During this time …

Became “Highest-Rated Sales Closer” in Zig Ziglar Corporate history.

Set “All Time Monthly Sales Volume” record first year in full territory for Zig Ziglar Corporation.

Youngest person in Corporate history to earn entry into the exclusive ” Million Dollar Sales Club.”

Consulted with Key Corporate Decision Makers in roughly 500 diverse Companies across the USA.


Michael R Heath