Successful Selling is about TRUST and CLOSING!

Zig Ziglar was my personal Mentor and taught me the value of TRUST and CLOSING in the sales process. Under his guidance, I traveled across America and went from a Sales nobody to the Highest Rated Sales Closer in Zig Ziglar Corporate History. My first year in full territory, I broke the ZZC record for Monthly Sales Volume, because I learned how to Close the Sale!


I followed his “Authentic” blueprint for personal and sales excellence. I implemented his “Sales System” in a very disciplined and detailed manner from introduction to presentation to close of the sale. I was Hungry for success.

Question? Who do you TRUST to train your highly valued Sales Team?

Zig Ziglar trusted me. He invited me back to Dallas, as a Consultant, to increase the ZCC sales volume and to re-structure, train and manage one of his most valuable resources, his national sales team.


He trusted me. He trusted my sales accomplishments with him using his “Sales System” and he trusted me to re-implement his “Sales System” to achieve measurable results with his own personal Sales Team.

I delivered.

Near the conclusion of my consulting time with Zig, he and his son Tom Ziglar, president of the Zig Ziglar Corporation, asked me to move back to Dallas to be the Chief Executive in charge of the entire Zig Ziglar Corporation National Sales Team.

What type of sales professional would you like to have training your salespeople?

With The Zig Ziglar Corporation:

  • Became the Highest Rated Sales Closer in ZZC history.
  • Set the “all-time” sales record for “monthly sales volume”.
  • Became the youngest person in corporate history to earn membership into the exclusive Zig Ziglar Million Dollar Sales Club.
  • Set the “all-time” record for sales “closing ratio” by posting nearly a 70% success rate.
  • Was recruited by the Ziglar family to run the entire ZZC sales organization.
  • Consulted with over 500 different companies for The Zig Ziglar.

Question? Are your salespeople Closing 70% of their sales presentations?

If not, I would ask you to consider Heath Consulting. I set the all time sales Closing record at ZZC by Closing nearly 70 % of my presentations to a wide variety of decision makers across America.

Thank you for your consideration and investment of time. I wish you much success In your training decisions and the World of Selling!

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Michael R Heath