Zig Ziglar said, ”I believe any organization will be better for having Michael Heath involved with their operations.”

Michael Heath became the “Highest Rated Sales Closer” in Zig Ziglar corporate history by following Mr. Ziglar’s blueprint for personal and professional development. Michael worked with over 500 companies as he traveled across America, helping them build their people and increase their productivity.  As an untrained, inexperienced salesperson, Michael set a goal of being hired by Mr. Ziglar and his corporation. After two long years of “persistence” Michael’s efforts finally paid off and he was invited to join the Ziglar team

Within five (5) months, he was promoted from his introductory sales position, to a national speaking  selling and training position. As Michael traveled the United States working with Mr. Ziglar, he was able to study, apply, and be rewarded through his personal observation, interaction and training with Zig.  During Michael’s first year in a full territory, he set the all time sales record for “monthly volume.”

He followed that by being the youngest person to ever earn membership into the exclusive Zig Ziglar Corporation, Million Dollar Sales Club.

Finally, Michael set the all time record for sales “closing ratio” by posting nearly 70% success rate. By closing nearly seven out of every ten sales presentations, Michael almost doubled the “benchmark” for closing sales that existed prior to his coming on board with the Zig Ziglar Corporation. This accomplishment helped him become the ”Highest Rated Sales Closer” in Zig Ziglar corporate history! Michael’s has literally earned a full set of business credentials as a record setting salesperson, manager and ultimately by becoming the head of a national sales and marketing corporation.

He followed that up by founding Heath Consulting where he helps companies build vibrant high performing sales teams.

With over 20 years of successful business experience, Michael fully understands the scope of today’s corporate challenges and opportunities and more importantly, how to develop high performing sales teams that can create record setting sales numbers!


Michael R Heath