Michael Heath worked with over 500 Companies nationwide as a “Business Development Consultant” for the Zig Ziglar Corporation. The clear objective with each one of these organizations was to increase productivity, performance and sales. During this journey, he became Zig’s number #1 Business Development Consultant.

In later years, the Ziglar Family invited Michael back to Dallas, as a Consultant, to re-structure the ZZC national sales team. He helped evaluate, train, develop and implement a highly disciplined “Sales System” that got Immediate results!

Upon the successful completion of the Consulting work, he was asked to move back to Texas to become the Chief Executive in charge of the entire Zig Ziglar sales organization!

He has worked with Companies ranging from American Express to Coldwell Banker to Chick fil a. Over 50% of his Consulting included a wide variety of medium size firms that were founded and developed by Entrepreneurs!

Michael met exclusively with business owners and key Corporate decision makers across America and found that they all shared a “common challenge.” That challenge was creating superior performance in their people.


Can you describe your “Sales System?”

Do your salespeople have a “Choreographed” step by step sales process they follow?

Do you feel like your salespeople “Maximize” every potential Client they present to?

Listed below are some of the custom features available in Michael’s Consulting Package.

  • Sales System Evaluation
  • Sales System Construction
  • Sales Management
  • Custom Presentations
  • On- Going Training and Consulting

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Michael R Heath