Are your salespeople Closing 70% of their sales presentations?

If not, we would like to ask you to consider Heath Consulting. Michael Heath became the “Highest Rated Sales Closer” in Zig Ziglar Corporate history by Closing nearly 70% of his presentations to a wide variety of decision makers across America.


He followed a “World Class Sales System” under the personal mentorship and management of Zig Ziglar, one of our Countries premier sales trainers and best selling authors.

Sales Management is about creating and implementing a disciplined “Sales System” that allows salespeople to Thrive!

This “Sales System” must include very specific steps that literally “Choreograph” every step of the sales process. By doing this, management can ensure that every presentation to a potential Client is being maximized!

By following this System, a “Culture” is created that allows for fluid collaboration between management and salespeople. In addition, it can promote Teamwork that allows the company and salespeople reach their potential and sales goals.

In order to manage a sales team successfully, there must be a successful blend of people management and sales system management. Michael’s experience as a sales manager, consultant and business owner  for over 20 years has shown us that one without the other will not succeed.

He  brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this topic both as a manager and from a sales system perspective. He has had direct responsibility for the design, implementation and results that are required to create excellence in sales management.

Your company will have an opportunity to experience first hand what it takes to create and manage a highly successful sales team. Michael will share steps, strategies and systems that can be blended and applied with your sales people, to help them and your organization  reach new levels of achievement.

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Michael R Heath