Michael Heath went from being an absolute “sales nobody” to becoming the “Highest Rated Sales Closer” in the history of the Zig Ziglar Corporation. He accomplished this by following a very specific blueprint of Mr. Ziglar’s personal and professional development programs.

For 2 years, Michael pursued an opportunity simply to be hired by the Zig Ziglar Corporation. Once on board, he followed a very disciplined plan of personal and professional development laid out by the world class training organization. He also was blessed by having Mr. Ziglar become his personal mentor. By applying these principals, he went on to a record setting sales career where he became “The Highest Rated Sales Closer” in ZZC corporate history! He worked with over 500 companies as he traveled the United States interacting with owners and decision makers from American Express to Chick fil a to medium size organizations.

Michael will share these success formulas with your people in a way that can help them reach optimum levels of performance that help companies grow and succeed. He will “customize” his presentation to make sure your meeting goals and expectations are met!

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Michael R Heath